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Switching Off

So after the disasters that occurred with my other character, I’ve decided to switch back to the other character for the time being that I mentioned earlier: Redivus. Whereas Corellius has been having no short end of trouble, Redivus has had a huge amount of success. He followed the same initial phase as Corellius did; defeating bandits, winning tournaments, building up an army, and then becoming a mercenary. Now whereas Corellius met defeat in his first massive scale battle, Redivus won victory after victory. For one thing, we were battling the Khergit Khanate, who are a lot easier to fight against than the Nords in my opinion. Sure, the Khergit are excellent horsemen with great horse archers, but those horse archers are not as hard to run down as you might think, and a lot of their arrows don’t even do any damage to our heavily armored knights and infantry. Plus their lancers, their best melee troops, are only tier 4 troops that get their asses handed to them when they go up against higher tier troops such as Swadian knights, Nord huscarls, or Rhodok sergeants (these troops are especially painful for the khergit, since their spears will absolutely destroy any horse that comes near them). Once his contract expired though with the Kingdom of Swadia, Redivus went back to some free roaming adventure. Too bad this game isn’t like Oblivion with dungeons and quests. Anyway, the main purpose of this was to focus on village relations. As I probably explained earlier (I haven’t checked whether I did so or not), your relationship with a village determines the quantity and the quality of the troops that you can recruit. It really helps to have a high relation, such as 65, with a village, because that way you can get Swadian sharpshooters, sergeants, and knights right off the bat sometimes. This can be really crucial if you take a lot of casualties in a battle or you just need high quality troops in a cinch. Improving a village’s relations with you is time consuming however, and is usually quite tedious, since they offer the same quests all over again: train them against attacking bandits, bring cattle or wheat to them, or clear the village of pillaging bandits. Note that the food quests, particularly the cattle ones, can be quite expensive. Strangely enough, I don’t think you get any improvement with the village’s relations if you defend them against another lord’s army. Back to it, the lengthy amounts of time required for becoming friendly with a village means that it is difficult to do this while being obliged to obey orders from the marshal. So Redivus spent some time as a free roaming man and his army. However, my deeds as a free roamer and my previous service as a mercenary has once again attracted the attention of King Harlaus of Swadia, who sent me a letter offering me to be one of his vassals and to receive the fiefdom of Tahlberl as my domain. Hey, that’s one of the villages with which I have a high relation! So let’s consider this: continue to spend time as a free roamer constantly looking for better ways to earn money, or become known as Lord Redivus, with his own personal fiefdom from which he receives a steady income, and the right to keep any castles he might take. Yeah, I’m gonna go with the Lord Redivus one. Now things are going to get fun…

~ by corellius on April 27, 2011.


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